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Look around you
Technology is everywhere

The proof is in the palm of your hand, in that device you are holding that carries all the knowledge you will ever need. And while it has permeated just about every aspect of our daily life, it has yet to revolutionise how we live, learn or work. That’s where we step in and make it happen. We draw novel and actionable Insights, empower you with Technology -as an enabler, and not the end goal- and top it off with a dependable Presence.

The result? Smarter homes, smarter schools, smarter workplaces.

Our Focus


What if we told you your home could be a whole lot smarter and your life a whole lot easier? We design living spaces with better levels of connectivity and convenience, resulting in an enhanced living experience and a future-ready home.


All too often, businesses are held back by a rigid IT environment and find themselves growing faster than their infrastructure. No two businesses are alike. This is why we design flexible technology strategies and solutions that seamlessly integrate your business and help you achieve your goals.


In a world where digitally intuitive students have never known life without the Internet, past methods make little sense. We enable immersive learning experiences for forward-thinking schools, taking students from passive observers to cognitively engaged learners.


The most notable breakthroughs have one thing in common: they stem from curiosity. Our passionate, persistent questioning sparks the inventive insights that set us apart.

I have no special talents.
I am only passionately curious.

Albert Einstein


We stay on top of industry trends, exploring today’s and tomorrow’s possibilities that have the potential to drive formidable transformation, singling out the ones that work best for you.


    Untether yourself from physical limitations
    and experience boundless possibilities.


    Leave aside the mundane tasks;
    you can do so much more.


    Stay in the driver’s seat;
    technology is only along for the ride.


    Set yourself free from the on-premise weight
    and break free from gravity.


    Make smarter choices to reduce your efforts,
    but increase the perks.


    Let your infrastructure run on autopilot;
    stay updated, productive and flexible.


Each one of us at Paoma plays an equally essential role in our journey, delivering on our promise each day. And because everyone deserves the same great service, we also walk the technological path alongside you.

  • Laurent-Anthony Adès

    General Manager


      Technical Manager


        Business Development Manager

        • JEAN-LUC ESSOO

          Support Coordinator


            Junior Delivery Engineer

            • SHARONNE ESSOO

              Operations Coordinator

              • KISHAN LUCKUN

                Support Technician

                • CLARA ANROOP

                  Admin Officer

                  • JEAN-REX ST PIERRE

                    Hardware Technician

                    The most profound technologies are those that disappear. They weave themselves into the fabric of everyday life until they are indistinguishable from it.

                    - Mark Weiser, CTO at Xerox Parc in the 1990s -

                    Passion as a Service

                    The passion we pour into everything we do is reflected in every detail of our projects, and authenticated by the enthusiasm of our happy customers.

                    Premier Partnerships

                    We complement our capabilities with a carefully selected ecosystem of best-in-breed technologies, brought to you by our industry-leading partners.

                    Paoma Ltd, Trianon Convention Centre, Quatre Bornes, Plaines Wilhems, 72257, Republic of Mauritius