About us

Paoma is a team of incurable tech optimists and integrators, fuelled by coffee. Lots and lots of it. We see no limits for what can be achieved through technology, especially when it is anchored in a deeply human approach.

The digital world is moving faster than ever, and it is hard to keep up. But all too often, conversations about digital begin and end with technology. It has now become an umbrella term for innovation, the latest mobile app or the IT department. At Paoma, we believe in infinite learning, and in sharing our knowledge. And that begins with dispelling these myths.

Technology has insane potential. It opens doors to innovative experiences, and saves people and businesses months or years that would be otherwise spent on tedious work – and money. But without the right context – your ambitions, the pursuit of the right opportunities, data, automation, effective change management ― new technologies are nothing more than shiny objects. You can check all the technology boxes, but still miss the mark. Our explanation may not be the gospel truth, but what we do know is digital’s real value proposition – it’s all about empowering you, the end user.

We dream big and certainly don’t believe in one-off, temporary fixes. Where others see challenges, we see opportunities because we are driven by genuine curiosity. We’ll dig down to the grit of your problem to find the perfect solution, every time, even if that means taking the road less traveled or charting a path to unexpected outcomes.

Beyond being your service provider, we’d like to think of ourselves as your innovative technology partners. We’re here for immediate support, but we also offer strategic guidance.

All of this sets us apart, but don’t just take our word for it. Get in touch with us or drop by for a chat (over a piping hot cup of coffee).