Acronis, founded in 2003, is an international technology company that develops backup, disaster recovery, and secure file sync and sharing software on-premises and in the cloud.

With this in mind, through integrating data protection and cybersecurity, the company provides SAPAS-compliant cyber protection.  In addition to offering security and backup solutions, Acronis also offers endpoint protection, disaster recovery solutions, and AI-based anti-malware and blockchain-based data authentication services. These solutions are effective in protecting data, applications, and systems in any environment.

Acronis Product offering

The company sets the standard for technological protection with its innovative solutions for:

  • Backup
  • Disaster recovery
  • Storage
  • Synchronization
  • Enterprise file sharing

Overall, the company actively protects technology and data, despite its environment, through artificial intelligence, data authentication and a hybrid structure. As a result, protection across devices, operating systems, virtual environments, applications, and storage locations is possible. All in all, ensuring that data is always available. Above all, with the right technology business continuity and recovery is ensured.

Acronis and Paoma

To sum up, through Acronis, Paoma offers:

  • Backup technology
  • Fast disaster recovery
  • Cloud backup
  • Flexible data recovery

In conclusion, Paoma provides a reliable and easy-to-use backup solution for companies of all sizes.

Acronis - Paoma Reseller in Mauritius