BeyondWiFi Family

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“BeyondWiFi Family” because great WiFi is no longer enough.

BeyondWiFi Family creates a WiFi experience beyond the ordinary. What makes BeyondWiFi Family exceptional is its ability not only to provide access points that extends your WiFi coverage but also, thanks to the Homepass mobile app, gives you access to a unique range of features that enables you to monitor and control your family’s online environment. To top it all up BeyondWifFi Family is backed by unparalleled local support for the technical issues you might face, so you don’t need to deal with these on your own.

What is Homepass ?

The HomePass® app is the key to your connection.

Visualize your network by watching devices connect and move from pod to pod in real time with our network topology map. Monitor your speeds over time and review the overall health of all your connections for full performance visibility.

Plume’s HomePass app allows customers to visualize, optimize, and control their Home WiFi network from a simple interface that enables an array of Smart 
 Home Services through Plume.

Homepass Features

Consistent speed and coverage with WiFi that proactively adjusts to you.

Buffering is a bad dream of the past! HomePass’s Adapt service delivers ultra-fast, perfectly consistent connectivity across every room. Unlike mesh WiFi setups that only work in a static manner, our system continuously learns and performs self optimizations to keep things running smoothly. HomePass automatically detects the brand and model of your connected devices, ensuring your beloved devices are given capacity to run at full potential.



Intuitive tools for managing users, devices, and internet access.

People come and go from your home, and so should their WiFi access. With HomePass’s Control features, you can create guest passwords with expiration dates for extra security. It’s up to you which devices they can access, from the smart tv to the printer—or internet only. No judgement, we know that ink is expensive.



Best-in-class security powered by AI.

Real-time security is important which is why HomePass provides Guard, always-on digital and data security for every device on your network. It filters out suspicious activity and even automatically quarantines devices that are behaving strangely. The system also includes built-in ad blocking for overall smoother surfing.



Whole-home motion awareness for peace of mind.

HomePass includes Sense, an unobtrusive way to gain whole-home awareness. The mobile app shows you movement in the vicinity of each connected device or room on your network. Set up alerts to let you know if there’s movement when you’re out. Don’t worry, it can ignore the movement of pets to avoid false alarms. No need to turn it off, the system automatically registers when you’ve arrived, when your primary device is home, going above and beyond most common smart home hubs.

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