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“BeyondWiFi Office” because your Small Business needs excellent WiFi and Support.”

BeyondWiFi Office leverages state of the art WiFi to provide Small Businesses with Insight, Management and Marketing tools. Through the Workpass mobile app SME’s enjoy enterprise-grade Networks at an unprecedented and affordable price. To top it all up BeyondWiFi Office is backed by unparalleled local support for swift technical challenge resolution.

What is WorkpassTM?

Workpass is the helping hand you need in your small business, combining great WiFi, a productivity app, a monitoring system, and an insights engine.
No need to be a network professional to be able to manage your network like a pro. With self-install and easy onboarding, the WorkPass app gives you unparalleled control over your small business network from multiple locations. Easily create dedicated guest WiFi connections, manage security settings, and device access, and solve any issues from wherever you are.

Workpass Features

Adaptive, self-optimizing WiFi ensures every corner of your business gets perfect coverage. LTE back-up ensures you’re never stuck without WiFi.

Out of the box, our patented, adaptive WiFi provides a strong, reliable connection throughout your space. Link steers a signal to each device, performing automatic, machine-learned optimizations as WiFi needs change. And if you do need help, WorkPass includes 24/7 support.

Turn customer data into insights for business growth.

Itching to know more about your guests— like if they’re regulars or first-timers—to offer them better experiences? With Concierge, customers can access your free WiFi through a personalized, branded portal on your dedicated guest WiFi network. Concierge turns guest analytics into business opportunities by allowing you to visit frequency, data usage, length of stay, and more.

Enterprise-grade, AI Security to protect small businesses from new threats.

Business cyber-protection is about proactivity. That’s why WorkPass includes Shield; enterprise-grade business network security that runs on AI. Shield blocks advanced threats and automatically quarantines troublesome devices with three separate zones for back office, employees, and guests. And it evolves as the world does so it’s always a step ahead of new kinds of cyber security threats.

Staff management whether you’re on site or not.

Enhanced employee productivity at your fingertips. Interested in knowing who’s at work when you’re not? Create individual Employee Profiles with Keycard to access device- usage analytics, review timecard data to help with future scheduling, and increase workplace productivity. Keycard also makes it easier, and safer, for staff to connect their own devices, and lets you set individual device-approval clearances, depending on the level of access an employee needs.

See the possibilities with motion data.

Real-time insights through motion data. By turning devices already connected to your network into motion sensors, Flow gives you a new found understanding of traffic through your business. Over time, customer density and dwell-time data helps small businesses understand activity trends, predict business demand, and optimize space. This translates to better merchandising, staffing optimization, and layout decisions. And for extra peace of mind, get alerted if motion is detected during closed hours.

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