Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki, founded in 2006, is a technology company that focuses on smart, cloud managed solutions that make life simpler. Their technology has provided powerful solutions for businesses, despite their size, to save time and money. 

Cisco Meraki aims to simplify a complex industry. As a result, Meraki technology utilises an intuitive and functional interface that allows companies to deploy efficient digital initiatives that have real business value.

The company offers a diverse range of products that fall under three main categories. The first category is “Platform”, this puts into place a cloud foundation for a network. The second category is “Access Products”. To clarify, this category includes wireless, switching and mobile device management products. The last category is “Security and IOT Products”. This category includes products such as security and sd wan, cellular gateways, smart cameras, and sensors.

Cisco Meraki and Education

The company has redefined education through helping IT teams. In other words, their technology provides the network infrastructure needed to support students and teachers in a changing environment. As a result, schools of varying sizes can improve student learning with reliable network connections and expansive wireless coverage.

Cisco Meraki and Paoma

Through Cisco Meraki’s technology Paoma offers scalable network and digital solutions. For example, this includes open APIs, Wireless technology, switches, security, SD WAN, smart grids, terminal management and much more. Overall, Paoma works alongside their customers to offer simple and complete technological solutions.

Cisco Meraki - Paoma Partners