Jamf, founded in 2002, provides organisations and schools worldwide with everything they need to manage their Apple ecosystem, protect their Apple devices, and connect Apple users to resources. The Jamf platform consists of three core pillars, these being: Device & Application Management, Identity & Access, and Security & Privacy. Through these three foundational elements management of the complete Apple life cycle is possible.

Jamf Pro

This is an Apple Device Management solution that enables IT users to deliver the promise of unified device management across the Apple Ecosystem to the users they support. This solution enables automated device management while enhancing productivity and creativity for end users.

Management capabilities in package:

  • Zero-touch deployment
  • Device management
  • App lifecycle management
  • Inventory
  • Self service
  • Security

Refer to the website for examples and further details.

Jamf School

This platform was designed specifically for educators, instructional technologists and Mac administrators. The technology enhances communication and collaboration between teachers, parents, and students.

This mobile device management solution (MDM) has a simple web interface that permits the deployment, management and security of Apple Devices. This simplicity allows teachers to concentrate on their primary goal of teaching students, rather than trying to solve technical complications. Furthermore, it is easy for administrators to create and manage users, user groups and device groups. Additionally, individual in-depth device details can be accessed and devices quickly diagnosed. Jamf is a powerful and cost-effective Mobile Device Management (MDM) system for today’s modern digital classrooms.

MDM tools:

  • Dashboard
  • Classroom management
  • iBeacon profile assessment
  • Incident system
  • Locations
  • Content caching

Refer to the website for examples and further details.

In today’s world technology plays an integral role in our everyday lives. With this in mind it is important to realize that educational institutions can only truly leverage technological benefits through a simple and effective management system. To clarify, a platform that equips IT professionals and educators to provide an enhanced learning experience is what determines the effectiveness of an MDM. However, the selection of an MDM should take into consideration more than just simplicity. For example, security is equally important. In view of this, it must be remembered that security & Privacy are part of the three pillars in Jamf’s platform. With particular attention to these points Paoma assists schools in sourcing and implementing appropriate and secure tools that will significantly improve end user productivity.

In conclusion, through Jamf, Paoma, together with forward thinking schools ensure the most important aspect of using technology in education is not diluted.

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