Color WiFi Bulbs in Mauritius

Lifx launched their first multicolor LED WiFi light in 2012 and now have their product offering available in over 80 countries. Their primary goal is to bring easily controlled, smart, WiFi lighting into the palm of your hand.

The company believes in creating new and unique ways of experiencing your home so that its environment adapts to your needs. For example, their lights transport you from a home office atmosphere to the perfect gym vibes, all with the tap of your finger.

These smart WiFi bulbs are optimised to integrate with global smart home product leaders. For instance, with renowned brands such as  Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Samsung, Google Home, and Microsoft Cortana. As a result, any of these smart home systems can seamlessly control Lifx lights throughout your home.  In addition to this the company works alongside security consultants to ensure that your digital security remains a top priority.

Paoma and Lifx

In conclusion, Paoma, through Lifx, offers consumers the option of smart, WiFi controlled, color lights to include in their smart home.

Lifx Logo - Paoma Partners