Peplink International Ltd, founded in 2007, is a connectivity company. The company offers an array of products that address connectivity difficulties. For example, products range from Enterprise Routers, Access Points, Cloud Based Central Controllers, SMB Networking, and multi-WAN VPN connection (SD-WAN).

Unbreakable connectivity, despite the time or place, is the company’s mission. In addition to this, their values of innovation, passion, agility, and openness have enabled them to become one of the industry leaders. Furthermore, they specialise in providing solutions for Service Providers, Enterprises, and Mobility and Specialised Markets. Each solution is met through an array of products. In addition to products the company offers different technological solutions, for example:

  • 5G
  • SD-WAN
  • SpeedFusion
  • Mobile Bandwidth Bonding
  • Wi-Fi
  • Peplink Security
  • Amazon Transit Gateway Connect

Why Peplink

Peplink has helped customers migrate over to SD-WAN solutions, increasing bandwidth, improving WAN reliability, and reducing networking costs, from home offices to large businesses and emergency service vehicles.

The company offers a full line of routers, access points, and cloud platforms to help customers create a flexible and fully configurable software-defined network. Their SD-WAN technology enables seamless connectivity because it has been rigorously tested and developed.

Peplink and Paoma

In conclusion, Paoma believes that the combination of quality products and passionate customer service can help people discover a better connected world. Additionally, we know that there is a preconceived idea that navigating through connectivity problems can be seen as difficult, expensive and result in little benefit. This is false and despite this myth we have helped countless customers significantly improve their connectivity. Lastly, we use our expertise to determine the right Peplink technology to create an affordable and flexible network solution for our clients.

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