Streamit, founded in 2003, is the global leader for in-store audio and video solutions. They offer a variety of high-quality audio and video streaming devices, players, and distribution platforms with reliable, practical and simple features. Above all, they strive to deliver practical, simple, reliable and affordable in-store audio solutions:

Practical – Fits the client’s needs and way of working

Simple – Intuitive and easy for clients to use

Reliable – They ensure that the solution is always working

Affordable – The right balance between cost and value

Overall, the company enables businesses to benefit from music. Through their audio players and distribution platforms, clients can easily distribute their music and messages.

Streamit products

The Lisa LCD is Streamit’s flagship product. Developed in-house, this audio player can be used in streaming as well as store-and-forward mode. This is the most robust streaming audio player currently available on the market.

Audio players

  • Lisa
    • LCD streaming audio player
    • Compact BT streaming audio player
    • Lisa Compact streaming audio player
  • Streamit Starter Kit


  • Streamit Device Portal
  • Simple SAF Server
  • Audio Distribution Platform

Audio streamer

  • SAS310 audio streamer

Paoma and Streamit

Paoma helps clients create the sound experience they would like in their location. For example, this can be music, commercials, and announcements. Additionally, music can be from a predefined playlist or live radio. Furthermore, through this platform the order of tracks and announcements can be predetermined and controlled by the owner or manager. With this in mind, audio solutions can be used in a manner to improve atmosphere and sales. Another key point to consider is that the right instore audio solution enables businesses to schedule important informational announcements for both clients and employees.

Although there are multiple benefits it is equally important to consider customer needs and the technical infrastructure already in place. For example , concerning infrastructure, is it important to clarify whether there is an internet connection. Additionally, does a client need just configuration of devices? Do they need back-up and monitoring? With this in mind, it is important to consider a variety of elements prior to making a product decision.

In conclusion, Streamit is an ideal, efficient and cost effective audio solution.

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