Yealink, founded in 2001, is an international brand that focuses on providing innovative voice communications, video conferencing and collaboration solutions. Their company vision is to become a global leader as a UC terminal service provider. Additionally, their mission is to ensure there is value creation in network communication. However, the core values of innovation, quality, data orientation, and collaboration remain part of Yealink’s foundation despite their global growth.

Yealink also prioritises their corporate social responsibility. Firstly, through sustainable development and transparent stakeholder communication. Secondly, through their dedication to employee welfare, anti corruption and environmentally friendly products.

Yealink Product offering

Yealink has strategically merged their cloud services with a series of end products, leading to the creation of patented cloud computing, audio, video and image processing technology. As a result of this, their panoramic audio and video conferencing collaboration solutions have enabled them to be ranked 1st globally for their market share in SIP phone shipments. Yealink’s product offering is extensive and diverse, allowing them to meet various customer needs, as can be seen in the list below:

  • IP Phones
  • Microsoft | Zoom Devices
  • Headsets | Webcams
  • VC Devices
  • VC Platforms
  • Intelligent Room Devices
  • Management Platforms

Yealink and Paoma

In conclusion, customers find a dedicated partner in Paoma when they want to implement an affordable, integrated and efficient communication platform. Resulting in effective and customised solutions for each customer. For example, such solutions include the implementation of systems that maximise business success with cloud-based UC ecosystems that can access anytime, anywhere in the world and under any type of network.

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