Acronis Backup in Mauritius

Acronis Paoma Authorised Reseller Mauritius

As an Authorized Reseller in Mauritius, Paoma redefines the data backup strategy of organisations, in the Cloud and on Premises thanks to the legendary Acronis Backup technology.

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Find Acronis Backup in Mauritius at Paoma, an Authorized Reseller.

Acronis sets the standard for technological protection with its innovative solutions for:

  • Backup,
  • Disaster recovery,
  • Storage
  • Synchronization
  • Enterprise file sharing.

Acronis has an active protection technology based on artificial intelligence, data authentication and hybrid (on premises or in the cloud) structure that protects all data in any environment at a low and calculated cost.

Moreover, Acronis  provides protection across devices, operating systems, virtual environments, applications, and storage locations. In other words, Acronis keeps business operations working by ensuring data is always available.

Companies can run the risk of losing important data. Therefore, data loss leads to costly downtime, customer dissatisfaction, regulatory fines and lost revenue. And so IT professionals have to meet extremely high expectancy. However, Acronis offers data protection that meets today’s requirements. As a result, it keeps business running, protecting any workload, evolving without limits and saving money.

With Acronis it firstly ensures business continuity by recovering from a disaster in seconds or by avoiding downtime.
Second, it protects every element of data, regardless of the technology have on board or the amount of data generate.
Thirdly and most importantly, it performs backups as often as necessary, without impacting overall performance.

To sum up, Acronis is a complete data protection platform. In short, Paoma offers:

  • A backup technology,
  • An ultra-fast disaster recovery,
  • A cloud backup,
  • A universal restore technology,
  • A flexible data recovery,
  • A multi-destination support,
  • A one-step system deployment tools,
  • A smart storage management utilities,
  • And a software designed for ease of use and centralized management.

In conclusion, Paoma provides you the most reliable and easy-to-use backup solution for companies of all sizes.

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