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Circle Paoma Dealer Mauritius

Paoma provides as a Dealer in Mauritius and through Circle, a support for parents to give them the ability to control the time children spend on the internet and on their digital devices.

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Find Circle in Mauritius at Paoma, a Dealer.

The idea behind Circle is not to watch on your family’s online activity. Rather, the goal is to set limits on what children can access online, when and for how long. In other words, helping families deal with technology is a Circle’s core value. With Circle,  families find balance by setting healthy boundaries, developing good habits and making the most of their digital experiences, rather than being consumed by it. Circle’s on-screen time management and parental control solutions are the easiest and most complete way to manage. In addition, it is possible to set bedtime and wake-up times for devices or people. Further, there is the possibility of manually cutting off Internet access for a certain device, a person or the entire household.

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