LIFX in Mauritius

Lifx Paoma Reseller Mauritius

Paoma as a Direct Reseller, lights up smart homes in Mauritius with the amazing LIFX WiFi smart bulbs range.

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Find LIFX in Mauritius at Paoma, a Direct Reseller.

Created in 2012, LIFX started by launching the first ever multicolor Wi-Fi LED light. LIFX works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home and now Microsoft Cortana to control lights throughout the house. Moreover, the company works with security consultants to ensure that the main security issues in smart homes remains the priority.

In short, as part of LIFX’s ongoing commitment to security, improvements have been made to data encryption between devices and will continue to improve all devices through regular firmware and software updates.

To sum up, Paoma offers, through LIFX, light with many colors working independently to give ombre color from a single light. In addition, it gives more control, more features, more ways to use light. In addition, all devices that connect to the internet hold inherent security risk.

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