LightWave in Mauritius

LightWave Paoma Reseller Mauritius

In Mauritius, Paoma is as LightWave reseller that offers a one-App solution for lighting, heating and security device to smart home.

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Find Lightwave in Mauritius at Paoma, a Reseller.

LightwaveRF is a pioneer in the intelligent home technology sector and developed the first Internet-enabled devices in 2008. The Company is market-leading Internet of Things (“IoT”) platform, as well as its connected applications and devices. Therefore, it provide its customers with fully integrated remote control and monitoring of light, heat, power and security. Lightwave’s home automation system works with a range of other systems, so you can make your home smarter – no matter what your configuration.

LightwaveRF is the first provider to offer this one-App solution. Since it has integrated its proprietary platform with other branded IoT platforms and smart devices. In other words, it wakes with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa and Google Nest.
Paoma believes its position lies in its ability to provide its customers with a platform that allows them to control a wide range of lighting, heating and security devices through a single application.

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Paoma Ltd, Trianon Convention Centre, Quatre Bornes, Plaines Wilhems, 72257, Republic of Mauritius


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