Netatmo Smart Home in Mauritius

Netatmo Paoma Partner Mauritius

As a Partner with Netatmo, Paoma come up with the best products for a Smart Home in Mauritius.

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Find Netatmo in Mauritius at Paoma, a Partner.

Netatmo designs connected objects for the home. For instance, they provide connected products for security, energy, weather and air care for home. In other words, it is innovative, inspiring and stylishly
designed, their products enable users to live in a safer, healthier and more comfortable home. The company carefully develops each part of their products, whether mechanical, electronic or software, and creates the web and mobile applications that
bring out the full potential of the products. As a result, Legrand and Netatmo have joined forces to offer the first intelligent solution for switches and sockets.

Netatmo wants to be an open company, where everyone knows how business and projects progress and, within which innovation, demands, responsibility and sharing drive daily life.

In short, Paoma offers to help you create solutions for the smart home. The company leverages expertise in the smart home field as well as the strengths and know-how.




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