Neverware ChromeOS in Mauritius

Neverware CloudReady Paoma Partner Mauritius


As a Neverware, Neverware ChromeOS technology partner in Mauritius, Paoma redefines technology by offering Google’s Chrome device management features.

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Find Neverware ChromeOS in Mauritius at Paoma, a Technology Partner.

Founded in 2011, Neverware  developed the core technology for its first product in 2009. CloudReady transforms existing PCs and Macs into secure and fast machines that can be managed using Google’s Chrome device management features.

Most workers no longer need or use much local computing power. Therefore, CloudReady is a modern operating system designed for this new world. Designed to secure business in the cloud while reducing the total cost and effort of device management.

In other words, CloudReady is an operating system that transforms existing computers into Chrome devices. Installing CloudReady on devices provides consequently a safe, fast and cost-effective way to deploy and manage the Chrome environment on company’s devices.

In short, Paoma wants these organizations to experience using new fast computers without having to buy them.

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