Purple Wifi in Mauritius

Purple Wifi Paoma Partner Mauritius

In Mauritius, Paoma is a partner with Purple Wifi to provide the best Social WiFi solutions.

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Find Purple Wifi in Mauritius at Paoma, a Channel Partner

Purple is a WiFi Analytics tool that allows companies to collect data of their customers through invited WiFi.

Companies understand everything their customers do online. But they don’t know enough about their offline world. There is a huge black hole of missing data that, in fact, is already there, waiting to be unlocked and transformed into recipes. On average, 20% of customers and visitors will connect to the free guest WiFi when it becomes available. But companies don’t know how to optimize the WiFi experience for their customers and exploit the data it produces.

Purple offers companies a way to capture and understand their offline world by providing them with a cloud platform that complements their existing WiFi infrastructure.
As a result, Paoma offers a leading WiFi platform, analysis and market engagement. Customers range from individual restaurants with a unique location to major global brands with thousands of stores.

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