StreamIt in Mauritius

Streamit Paoma Reseller Mauritius

Paoma as an Authorised Reseller, deploys distributed in-store and hospitality Cloud audio solutions in Mauritius with the Streamit platform.

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Find Streamit in Mauritius at Paoma, an Authorised Reseller.

Streamit is a company specializing in audio and video streaming. By innovating technologically, Streamit provides reliable, practical, simple and affordable audio/video streaming solutions. These solutions consequently, include audio and video streaming devices, players and a distribution platform.

Streamit is specialized in Cloud Store-and-Forward and streaming. For example, with the Store and Forward function, the audio player downloads its content to the card at a given time. The SD card play directly the content programmed for playback. Therefore, the Internet connection is 100% available for other uses.

Looking for an in-store audio solution, you may be considering a streaming solution. In other words, streaming allows you to distribute your audio streams to any device, anywhere in the world.
In short, Paoma wants to make Streamit products and services optimized for the way you work. They are easy to use, control and configure. Therefore it is easy to rely on the fact that the solution works, at any time.

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