Ubiquiti Networks in Mauritius

Ubiquiti Paoma Channel Partner Mauritius

Paoma works with Ubiquiti Networks as a Channel Partner in Mauritius to design value added networking solutions and affordable product range.

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Find Ubiquiti Networks in Mauritius at Paoma, a Channel Partner.

Ubiquiti Networks, Inc. develops network technologies for service providers, businesses and consumers. In other words, it focuses on three main technologies:

  • High-capacity distributed Internet access,
  • Unified information technologies and
  • Consumer electronics for home and personal use.

The majority of the company’s resources are made up of entrepreneurial and decentralized R&D teams. Ubiquiti does not employ a traditional direct sales force. Nonetheless, it promotes its brand largely through the company’s user community where customers can go directly to R&D, marketing and support.

Above all, Ubiquiti UniFi offers a complete software-defined networking (SDN) solution with seamless integration of high-performance switching, gateways and more. Ubiquiti’s UniFi system provides wired and wireless network devices, as well as a centrally managed software controller with hybrid support for cloud-based and secure services.

In short, Ubiquiti’s technological innovations offer superior performance, intelligent mechanical design and ease of use. Therefore, Paoma offers a development of high-performance network product platforms.

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