Yealink IP Telephony in Mauritius

Yealink Paoma Reseller Mauritius

Paoma, as a Reseller, deploys in Mauritius IP Telephony system based on Yealink.

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Find Yealink IP Telephony in Mauritius at Paoma, a Reseller.

Founded in 2001, Yealink is a global leader in enterprise communication and collaboration solutions, providing video conferencing services to companies around the world. Focusing on research and development, Yealink also emphasizes innovation and creation. Through outstanding technical patents in cloud computing, audio, video and image processing technology, Yealink has therefore,developed a panoramic audio and video conferencing collaboration solution by merging its cloud services with a series of end products. In other words, Yealink ranks first in the world for market share of SIP phone shipments.

In short, Paoma is dedicated to innovation in the field of communication telephony. We help our customers make the most of their unified communications experience and benefit from the power of “easy collaboration”. In addition, the company wants to help people maximize their business success with cloud-based UC ecosystems that can access anytime, anywhere in the world and under any type of network.

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