Microsoft, founded in 1975, is a multinational technology corporation. The company develops consumer software, electronics and personal computers. Overall, the company is committed to empowering and advancing individual and organisational achievement.

In particular Paoma utilises Microsoft Azure to enable the creation of on-premises, hybrid and multi-cloud, future-ready cloud solutions. As a result, enabling successful smart, cloud ready digital transformations. 

Microsoft Azure services, related products and capabilities are divided into different categories and sub divisions. Examples of their different services are listed below:

Ai + Machine Learning 

This category includes products such as Azure Machine Learning, Cognitive Services, and Applied AI Services. As well as Azure Cognitive Search, Bot Services, and Open AI services.


This category includes products such as Azure Virtual Machines, Linux Virtual Machines on Azure, and SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines. In addition to the services of Windows Virtual Machines, and Azure Functions.


The containers category includes the Azure App Service, Kurbernetes Service (AKS), Container Instances, Azure Red Hat OpenShift, and Azure Spring Cloud.

Hybrid + Multicloud 

The Hybrid and Multicloud category includes Azure Arc, Stack, and Sentinel. As well as the Azure Security Centre, ExpressRoute, and  Active Directory (Azure AD).

 Microsoft Internet of Things (IoT)

This category includes a variety of elements, such as IoT Central, Azure IoT Edge, IoT Hub, Digital Twins, Sphere, and Time Series Insights

As shown above the Microsoft Azure platform has an extensive offering. To clarify, there are over 200 products and cloud services that help users find simple and intelligent solutions

Microsoft and Paoma

In addition to Azure, Paoma works with Microsoft 365. As a result of the broad Microsoft range Paoma is able to cater for local individuals, businesses and large scale enterprises. Overall, Microsoft 365 combines best-in-class productivity with simple device management and security to connect people and information in an intelligent and unprecedented way.

In conclusion, Paoma believes that technology can act as a catalyst for individual and organisational efficiency and innovation.

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